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‘SAKE’ – Hybrid Meeting, 7pm Tues 21st September, Warwick Hall

‘Sake – the national beverage of Japan’ talk will be our first experimental hybrid meeting. We will not only be presenting Catherine Owen’s talk live to an audience at the Warwick Hall but also online via a digital link, which will be sent to our members shortly before hand.

This expanded facility is to cater for those who still have reservations about physically meeting together and also to enable us to also share our meetings with those who are mobility challenged. Our intention is to test the viability and support for this arrangement for the balance of this year to enable us to decide whether to continue to offer the online option in 2022. It is helpful if those intending to come to the Warwick Hall registered in advance on this website. It would enable us to set out the correct number of socially distanced seating. Your subsequent feedback will be much appreciated. Peter Martin. Chairman

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